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We’ve helped beginners and pros from across the globe. Our staff is very dedicated to helping you, as an individual meet your reselling goals, and obtain the knowledge you need to succeed.

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We offer release guides on all profitable shoes and apparel releases. We have the fastest monitors for hundreds of sites worldwide, so you never miss a release. We even send text alerts!

Investing & Stocks

Talk about stocks, crypto, NFT, and other investments!

Cards & Collectibles

Our guides cover Pokemon & Sports Cards investments and in-store pickups. We also cover Funkos and other toy drops like Disney. Our toy guides are some of the best in the community.

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I’ve been reselling for about a year. I knew I wanted to sell more and knew I had more to learn. I learned about cook groups and started researching. There was something about cool cooks that I loved right away. So much so, that I jumped in and bought the lifetime membership. I’ve paid back my membership plus more thanks to this group. It really does feel like a family. I have never felt stupid asking questions. Nub and Grif help you with anything you need and they celebrate your wins with you! The community is great. You can’t go wrong with this group.

jess#6371Lifetime Member

Man, I don't even know where to start. Okay, I joined Cool Cooks maybe about 2 months ago and since then it has been an absolute cookout. The owners Grif, Nub, and Blaise truly are amazing.. they really are here to help members cook as much as possible. With free ACO, free bot rentals and etc this group is made for success. ON top of that members here are just amazing. We are like a family here, we help each other joke around not like other cook groups that are strict and are only there for making money. More about success, I started with maybe 1.5k in capital and after being here with the Cool Cooks family I was able to invest in bots, catch restocks and have all the info to succeed. As a result of this I'm proud to say I have more capital and profit than ever before. Don't sleep on this group it truly is something special

ChillTown.Hype#1749Provider & Member

Alright I've been flipping item locally/ online for a couple years and recently started to make it a full time gig thanks to Señor Covid . Due to the recent launch of the new RTX graphics cards and not being able to score one, I ended up going down the rabbit hole of botting. I ended up finding this group along the way and man... have I been missing out. I know a lot of people are saying its like a family in here but its true. Everyone in here is extremely friendly and willing to help! I joined for the monitors and the support but now Im staying for the community and the people behind it. Joining will not only give you everything you could ever need in a discord cook group but also turn you from a part-time dish washer to a full time cook.

Spooky#0017Staff & Member

Cool Cooks feels like a family, Everyone has an environment where they can learn about a different aspect of reselling from shoes to funkos, even a damm lamp, As well as being able to meet great people who you can just chill and talk to about various different topics. Highly recommend even if you are new to reselling, everyone is really helpful.

AMbition #5865Member

Cool cooks turned me into a chef overnight I tried botting without a cook group n let’s just say I didn’t cop EVER. So I decided to hit that free trial & I did what everyone says “ASK YOUR COOK GROUP” & MANEEE I’ve never came across a group of people more willing to help you succeed. Cool Cooks diversified my hustle with Funkos, Cards, & a bunch of Profitable flips you’d never even think of.
Hands down one of the best investments I’ve made.

igotOPTNS#3492Lifetime Member

I have recently joined coolcooks, and since then, i have gotten lot more sense of the sneaker market, sites, and bots! With the addition of massive group buys often, i can safely cop shoes! I love you coolcooks

Dust#1883Lifetime Member

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